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  • 3D

    DUROFLEX 3D – 11.81 in. x 196.85 in.

    The only flashing band on the market that allows a total mounting.

    Duroflex 3D is specially designed for:
    – Ridges and hips
    – Around chimneys
    – Vent pipe flashing
    – Gutter flashing

  • Air circulation

    DUROFLEX AIR CIRCULATION – 15.35 in. x 196.85 in.

    Innovative design made in one piece. It has ventilation holes that are not clogged and safety flange that prevents the entry of water and keep the aeration zone completely waterproof.

    Minimum ventilation flow rate on each side: 774 l/h per linear meter

    Duroflex air circulation is specially designed for:
    – Airing ridges and hips

  • Corrugated

    DUROFLEX CORRUGATED – 11.81 in. x 196.85 in.

    Duroflex Corrugated is the best solution for those cases in which the installation requires a prolonged angle.

    It is specially designed for:
    – Roof to wall and sidewall flashing
    – Skylight flashing
    – Solar flashing

  • Roof valleys

    DUROFLEX VALLEY – 23.62 in. x 196.85 in.

    Designed with longitudinal markings for easy placement and suitable adaptation.

    It is specially designed for:
    – Valleys