Peeled butyl, cracked aluminum. This is an example of an aluminum flashing band that does not fulfill its function of waterproofing the chimney:

Buying a product solely and exclusively for its price is not the most convenient and a “waterproofing” flashing roll should not be cracked or detached from the tiles (or any other roofing material) after a couple of years.

According to the technical documents for the buildings prepared by the Musaat Foundation, “the injuries and deficiencies that occur the most on the pitched roof correspond to leaks, humidity, and to a lesser extent, cracks. The entry of water at the confluence with chimneys is almost always due to a lack of knowledge of how these singular points should be carried out ».

It is so important to correctly install this type of flashing and always follow its assembly instructions, as well as the technical quality of the product itself to avoid that a good installation ends up being totally inefficient due to a detached or broken aluminum that does not prevent water inlet.

With 180 microns of aluminum and PET, 1.2mm of butyl and a unique three-dimensional shape on the market that allows total mechanical mounting for a better and simple installation, Duroflex 3D provides the maximum chimney waterproofing.


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