Ventilated roofs are the best solution to preserve the life of the tiles and improve insulation. The air circulation keeps the roof dry and avoids the destructive action of ice and microorganisms.

These are, along with conventional tiles, the necessary materials:

  • Breathable roof membrane (any other roof insulation system can also be used).
  • Counter battens (0.8 – 1.2 in. width). Ventilate the gap between the membranes and tiles.
  • Double-sided butyl tape. Adheres and guarantees tightness in the fixings.
  • Combs and eaves. They close the cover without limiting the passage of air.
  • Ridge batten holder. Support the ridge batten with an adjustable height.
  • Duroflex Ventilation. Aluminum flashing band that prevents humidity by ensuring air flow.
  • Ridge tile holders. Quick and safe installation of ridge tiles to ridge battens.


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