When thinking of waterproofing specific roof areas such as chimneys, dormers, skylights, ridges, valley junction, etc., the first question that clients usually ask themselves is which product to use.

Today there are different solutions for flashing all different roofing applications, however, aluminum bands have several advantages over other systems. These are the main reasons:

1st – Eco-conscious, commitment to the environment: Aluminum flashing bands are lead-free products.

2nd – Durability: aluminum flashing bands are UV resistant, can be installed in temperatures as low as 5 ºC/41 ºF, and seals without heat or any specific tools.

3rd – Handiness: flashing rolls are a universal product for waterproofing. Very easy to shape and adjust. Lightweight, no special tools required.

4th – Easy installation in one piece: install several meters in a short time to save time and money.

5th – Aesthetics: clean finish so it does not break the aesthetics of the roof.


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